Tiffany Lau

Digital Producer & Virtual Assistant


Studio Ghibli Character Renders

3D Visualisation

Wedding Invitation Website

Website Build

Wedding Guestbook Design

Design & Illustration

Tooheys Brothers Beer Bottle Renders

3D Visualisation

Is that it?

No, but because of the nature (copyright/legal reasons) of some of the projects I've completed, these have been hidden from public view. If you would like access to my full porfolio, please or reach out to request for login details.

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I work on anything digital, from website builds to 3D render visualisation. I've been a UNSW tutor and also have experience as a Digital Manager and Producer, managing both digital projects and a team of digital experts.

I'm currently working as a Producer at

I'm always up for a chat so come find me on Linkedin or get in touch via email.

Tiffany Lau